Saturday, 18 August 2012


Whilst on holiday in Florida a couple of years ago, in our second week..... I discovered that all 25cent coins had a state on the back.....aaaagggghhhh I didn't know this, and it was too late to start looking for them all, soooo we got as many as we could find, which was about 17..........
THEN... my dear friend was going to Las Vegas for a holiday, and I asked if she would collect the rest for me - she said she had so much fun doing it.  She didn't know that each state had a coin either...


here they are!!!!
All in their little protective wrappers, I have now ordered the 50 states cricut cartridge, and can't wait to do a scrapbook just for them!
each state will have a coin - flag - state - tree - bird - flower
and anything else I can think of...yey!!!

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