Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I couldn't wait to use my new Martha Stewart score board - so I thought I would have a go at making a rosette - and it was fun. So I decided to share it with you in my first TUTORIAL. Have a's easy and quick!

It is a bit on the plain side for me, but I managed to add my bling!!! The photograph does not do it justice, but it was 12.30 last night and I was feeling a little weary......
Hope you enjoy the tutorial.  xx

Materials needed:
Paper strip - 1 1/2" x 12"  (or 4cm x30cm)                                  Stickles
Circle punch - 1"                                                                         Swirl stamp and sentiments
Glue                                                                                            Ink Pad
Double sided tape                                                                        6 x 6 card stock
Card to mount it onto                                                                   Score board

I have 2" papermania packs of papers that to be honest I am stuck as to what to do with them sometimes. This is just the thing....  I cut the paper down to 1 1/2" strip ( I did do it with a 2" at first, but when it came to flatenning the rosette down, it tore.

Score the whole length of the strip in 1/4" intervals.

Then fold to make a concettina - mountain fold, valley fold, all the way across.

When you get to the last fold, cut off the end piece. This will help you to overlap the first piece to it...

Glue one side and overlap the other, this makes a continuous pattern so when it's flattened you won't be able to see the start or finish.

Once glued you should have a complete circle.... now for the tricky bit....i couldn't take a photo of that bit, because you really need two hands to push down and make it flat...

Punch out 2 cirles with your punch, and HAVE THEM GLUED UP READY...then stick one on the front of the rosette and one on the back - this gives extra stability.

I had fun doing these, I made one up with every paper patten in the set.  The two small ones I cut down - they are both 1" wide, even though they don't look it...

Have a go, and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial...xx


  1. love them, may have ago myself. xx

  2. Fab tutorial thanks, now you have me thinking x

  3. Coo, great to see your crafty talent! Love it!