Friday, 25 February 2011

Mini sunshine album

Started making this yesterday afternoon, in between making tea, washing up and all the other boring jobs - didn't finish it until 2am....

For the basic pages I used a Sizzix Ornate Tri fold Bigz die (I will make another mini without the die, and put all the measurements up another day)

Cardstock - double sided (I used K&Co Berry Sweet)
Tag Punch                                                                        Nestie - Labels 1
3mm Ribbon - 10cm per page                                          Chipboard cover - front and back
12mm Ribbon 45cm                                                        Prima flowers for decoration
Chipboard embellishment for cover

Cut out as many pages as you wish for your album...I used 7

Cut out enough tags for each pocket, and tabs for each tag.  I used quite bright card to contrast with the base cardstock.  For the main tags I used the Nestability labels 1.

Fold the pages along the score lines, but fold the flap part back on itself - this will form another pocket. Glue the sides of the little flap down, leaving the top open for a tag.

Open out the page, and stick tape down 2 sides

Punch out two holes with a hand punch or crop-o-dile along the middle fold - 3cm in from the middle on each side - I used my woodward centre measure ruler.  Thread the 10cm piece of ribbon from the outside in, leaving you with the loose ends on the outside of the page.

When you have folded and stuck your pages you should have them all with bits of ribbon sticking out.  Take page 1 ribbon and tie it to page 2 ribbon - repeat all the way along the pages ( 2 to 3 - 3 to 4 - 4 to 5 - 5 to 6 - 6 to7 )

By the time you are finished you should have a wodge of pages all tied together. THEN, take all the ribbons from one side, and tie them all together to the ribbons to the other side, making one big knot. 
I put a blob of glue to the know, to give it extra staying power.

Glue the tabs to the tops of the tags, and pop them into the pockets.


It was quite late by the time I finished last night... that I missed out the photographs on this bit...sorry!
It was 2am by the time I finished, and got a bit carried away...

Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 5" x 4 3/4"
Cover with some of the same paper you used for the pages, leaving a 2" gat all around. Use this for folding in, making a neat edge.  stick the ribbon along the insides of the cover, across the middle, leaving enough room for the pages of the book in between both covers.

You can see here how I stuck the ribbon underneath the inner cover (just)....
Pop the Tags in place, and there you go....
Have fun making it....xx


  1. This is fab! Although I thin k I may need to see a real life demo lol x

  2. Glad you like it Tracey...I must get my act together and do some dates for demo/workshops...xx

  3. wonderful tut, glad to see your mojo has returned hun . xxx